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Hello, I am an American, English speaking guide available for private or small group tours of Paris.  Enjoy a personal custom designed tour from a professional artist living in Paris.  

Enjoying life as a Parisian for more than a decade, we can help you experience the city we know and love.  Have fun discovering the unknown aspects of this capital city together without getting lost or looking at a map.  With our help you can wander off the beaten path to find traditional markets, scenic neighborhoods and less explored museums.  

Let me help you make the most of your stay in Paris.  Whether you are here for a day, a week or longer, I can help you see as much of Paris as possible.

From an introductory walking tour of the contrasting historic neighborhoods to a focus tour of whatever might be of special interest to visitors, we can make it a pleasure to discover the classic and unusual views that help to make this city the most visited in the world.

Visitor's Comments


You rocked today. And you stole Jack's heart! Thank you for an unforgettable experience. And let’s catch up this trip again! 

Jen Zanone

14 August 2016

Thanks ever so much for taking good care of Dennis and Naelene over these past three days-they adored you.

Robyn Webb

Tour Manager

4 January 2018

We so enjoyed our time with you on Saturday. As always you are a wonderful host and guide. Thank you for the information about the dancing lady. I am truly shocked that she is the wife but perhaps I did not look close enough at the men to see who her spouse would be. If you get a chance we forgot to get a good picture of the painting that seems to be 2D of the crucifixion of Christ where one soul is going to heaven and the other soul is going to hell if you could send us the name and artist of that painting next time you see it that would be wonderful we would love to look it up and perhaps get a print of it for Kimberly.  We are headed to London in the morning but had a wonderful visit and will surely return again. That is in large part due to you. Hopefully we shall meet again in the not-so-distant future. Until then au revoir  be safe and take care.

With much thanks,

Teresa Keefer

25 March 2018

Cheers my friend.Thank you for being a good sport!!You’re always welcome in Chicago!!xo

Best ~Dan27 March 2018

Hi MichaelWe feel bad for getting you drunk yesterday!! Such bad influences! LolWe’ve had a spectacular day, starting at the Sacre-Coeur, then lunch at a cute little cafe and then to the very top of the Eiffel Tower! What a view!! Looking forward to seeing Paris lit up at night and then homeward bound tomorrow. We’ll definitely be back and will be in touch! Auvoir, until next time!

Best Tracy and Don P.s. have already shared a recommendation and link to your site on Facebook! 

8 April 2018

Thank you Michael!! We had a great time with you yesterday exploring Paris!!!

Thanks for all the great information. We are going to check out the market today and looking forward to exploring your wonderful city.

Again, we had a great time with you and thank you for all of your knowledge!

Hope to see you again soon!

Kathy Jonas

21 April 2018

Dearest Michael - i hope this finds you well!  we really enjoyed our Napoleon tour with you a Paris. please forgive me for not thanking you earlier. It was just perfect, and we have many great memories including of the restaurant below. Let me know if you want any more photos :) with thanks - Margaret and carolyn (peter and maggie too!) 


Margaret Talcott 21 June 2018

Dear Michael
Thank you so much for spending the day with us.  Hannah and I loved your tour of the Orsay.  We enjoyed all the insights into the artists lives and your  knowledge of technique and art.
I felt terrible that I forgot your fee.  I will give it to you on Thursday.
We listened to Scott’s CD and throughly enjoyed it.  Please thank him for us.  
We will look forward to our dinner with you both on Thursday.
Xo Dina Cole 4 July 2018

June 22 2014 

A lovely mention in a beautiful blog by Biana in Boston:


Hi Michael,

I just wanted to thank you so much for the wonderful day our family got to spend with you.  It was our favourite day in our whole week in Paris.  You showed us so many wonderful things and really tapped into what our family liked straight away.  And when our son Fraser is asked what his favourite thing in Paris was he says the Louvre and I know we owe that all to you.  You were able to bring the Louvre down to a level an 11 year old boy could understand and I will forever be grateful to you for that.

I loved how relaxed the day was and your warm and gentle touring style.  Thank you so much, it was wonderful...


Lisa Kelly


Thank you

Hi Michael,

We went to the Swan Bar tonight for their jam session and it was so sweet. The music was great and everyone treated us so well, even gave some sprigs of muguet du bois. Thank you for that recommendation and for everything you have done for us. You really gave us a sense of the City and the things of interest to us. What a fabulous introduction to Paris.  

Thanks for the picture. Good memories abound.

Helen Norris


Dear Michael:

Thank you Michael for making Paris so much more interesting and our trip so much more memorable . Can't wait to get back. The weather was awesome today.  Thanks to you, Mamatha and I navigated the metro and bus today.  The opera was alas closed again today but we got to the Louvre and did the Egyptian collection.

Ate at the Josselin creperies in Montparnasse and walked by the Seine.

So long take care


From Dr Prasad


Thank you Scott:

Hello Michael:

We would like to pass along to Scott our profound thanks for his kindness, humour, and brilliance, at the Louvre today. Scott provided us enough memories to last a lifetime. He is superb, and you are to be congratulated for having such a brilliant cohort. He is a very special man.


We are looking forward to meeting you and  heading to Orsay. 

Michael  - we found that  we started to fade around 3 PM or so. So that should give you a time frame. We are both in our mid the tour was just long enough. Perfect, in fact.

The Louvre is so overwhelming that we found ourselves just awestruck...

We have a LOT of friends, and believe me, we are going to be singing (Scott will laugh) the praises of ParisFind far and wide.

Nothing gives us more pleasure than meeting incredibly fine people, like Scott. (*We hope he gets to sing in Vancouver - we are both very connected in the entertainment business - but NOT with Vancouver Opera....darn).

Have a great evening - and see you at 9:30 am, manana.

Thanks for helping make this one of the best days of our lives.

That is NOT hyperbole.


Tom and Julie Crone


Our Trip

Michael, Just wanted to say Thanks for the time you spent with us. It really made a difference , and much more enjoyable for both of us.  If you come state side, please feel free to contact us. When we return to Paris, we will definetely contact you

Thanks again

Mike & Ivy


Hello Michael.

I am happy to report that we are now back in Oz and Spain survived our onslaught.  We had a simply marvellous time there.  Everything was wonderful and went well, even squeezing the huge car into little parking bays and around poles under ancient hotels.  Just a short note to tell you how much we enjoyed and benefited from our visit to the Louvre with you.  It was wonderful.  We enjoyed your passion for art, your quirky approach to detail, and your uncanny capacity to suit your info to your guests.  It was terrific. If it’s OK with you I’ll add you to my “must dos” in Paris which most of my friends use.  Cheers... Jane and Allen Stackpool

Thank you so much


Hi Michael.  We are home and back to the old routine.  We want to thank you very much for the 3 wonderful days we spent with you.  You did an outstanding job showing us everything and explaining it all.  You would have been proud of us... since we had done that with you, we got up and caught the local 42 bus and took it to the Eiffel Tower.  Once again, thank you for your insights and for being patient with us... take care.  Sincerely, Jo Ann Williams

Thank you


Hi Michael, Just a quick e-mail to thank you for sending Scott to guide us around Paris on May 8th.  He was wonderful - patient and so knowledgeable about Paris’ history and the area!!  We had a great day and throughly enjoyed our time with Scott.  I wished I had hired him for more than one day.  The rest of the week wasn’t as enjoyable without his commentary.  Thank you!  Marla

Thank you Michael! 


The day with you in Montmartre was a highlight of my trip.  Thank you for showing me a charming and lovely side of the neighborhood, and I really enjoyed your company and all your tidbits of history.  If you ever change your email address, be sure to let me know, because I’d definitely like to plan another tour with you next time I’m in Paris.  Blessings, Kate

A Wonderful Trip


Michael, Just wanted to share some pictures with you. We had the most wonderful time.  You were so much fun and so knowledgeable about the city.  We needed a few more days.  That night when we left you we took our boat ride and we got off by the Eiffel Tower the police were there.  They had the bridge blocked off and I think they blew something up.  We were freaked out thinking it was serious.  They eventually opened up the bridge and we were free to go. As we were walking to the metro we saw a handsome French man getting pushed around by a homeless person.  I was afraid they were going to fight.... we finally made it to the metro and the French man was there.  He said that the homeless person just wanted money and he was fine.  I just wanted you to know that we were saying “we need Michael here” nothing crazy like that happened when we were with you!  We always felt like we were in good hands and safe with you.  Thank you again for everything.  You really made our trip special.  Take care.  Sarah



Thanks for being such a great guide to us on Friday.  We all had a wonderful time.  We really enjoyed seeing the museums and you sharing all of your insights and knowledge about the city.  Amanda, especially enjoyed the Palais Royale and discussing film and literature with you.  We did manage to get back to that area on Saturday.... I would love to book another outing with you if I get back to Paris again.  Hopefully that will be in my future.  I love the city and your love of the city is certainly evident.  In the meantime take care of yourself.  Regards, Susie

To: Madelyn Willems of Paris Perfect Apartments, www.parisperfect


Dear Madelyn Willems

I feel rather sheepish about writing you after the fact, but let me say that in the guest book I forgot to say anything about one of your biggest assets, Michael Osman.  That young man is brilliant as a tour guide and has a ton of patience.  We hired him for 4 days during our stay.  When we come back to Paris we will look forward to hiring him again.  Best wishes, Bill Hoffert



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Paris tour guide.

Two female friends and I visited Paris and Italy May 2004. While in Paris we hired a private tour guide named Michael Osman. He was wonderful and I would highly recommend him. His fee is also very reasonable. Michael can be reached at  Cindy at masonl@dnv.orgGreenvilles, SC USA Tuesday 6/22/2004  Graffiti Wall: Tours Other Than Rick Steves'