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Hello, I am an American, English speaking guide available for private or small group tours of Paris.  Enjoy a personal custom designed tour from a professional artist living in Paris.  

Enjoying life as a Parisian for more than a decade, we can help you experience the city we know and love.  Have fun discovering the unknown aspects of this capital city together without getting lost or looking at a map.  With our help you can wander off the beaten path to find traditional markets, scenic neighborhoods and less explored museums.  

Let me help you make the most of your stay in Paris.  Whether you are here for a day, a week or longer, I can help you see as much of Paris as possible.

From an introductory walking tour of the contrasting historic neighborhoods to a focus tour of whatever might be of special interest to visitors, we can make it a pleasure to discover the classic and unusual views that help to make this city the most visited in the world.



Pay a visit to the city of the dead...

Les Catacombes de Paris are the ancient quarries of Paris in which bones of Parisians were stored in order to solve the overpopulation in the city’s cemeteries.  You can only visit a small section of these underground quarries that contain the remains of generations of Parisians.  The Paris catacombs run 20 meters underground, a 1500 meter-long maze of galleries stacked with bones and skulls.  Night after night a procession carried the remains from different cemeteries of Paris to their new resting place.  These included the bones of the Revolutionaries, DANTON and ROBESPIERRE.

Tour the Paris Sewers...

Des Egoute de Paris.  Visit the “city beneath the city.”  Hold your nose and visit just a small labyrinth of the Paris sewers at the Sewer Museum.  See this incredible system that help made Paris the great city it is today.  See the work of Baron HAUSSMANN, the prefect for the Seine, and the engineer Eugene BELGRAND who thought up the present system of Parisian sewer and water supply networks.


The Cemeteries of Paris...

Photo 043.jpg

Cimetiere du Pere-Lachaise 

the largest cemetery in Paris is located in the 20th arrondissement, reputedly the most visited cemetery in the world.  It is impossible to list all of the celebrities who rest here (under the shade of 12,000 trees), alongside more ordinary Parisians.  Some of the people buried here: composers Frederic CHOPIN, George BIZET, French artists, GERICAULT and DAVID, writer Oscar WILDE along with the Americans Gertrude STEIN and Jim MORRISON.

Photo 102.jpg

Cimetiere du Montparnasse

 was used during the French Revolution for the burial of unclaimed bodies.  As one wanders through this cemetery you will come upon familiar and famous names such as Jean-Paul SARTRE, Guy de MAUPASSANT, BAUDELAIRE and popular French singer Serge GAINSBOURG.  Along with American artist MAN RAY and Italian sculpture Constantin Brancusi. 

Photo 126.jpg

Cimetiere du Montmartre

 opened officially on January 1, 1825 as the Cimetiere du Nord.  In the 16th century quarries occupied the land where the cemetery is now located.  In a romantic forest of overwhelming calm one can visit the famous personalities that reflect this area’s artistic and theatrical past: Francois TRUFFAUT, Alexander DUMAS Jr., Edgar DEGAS, Yaslav NIJINSKI and pop diva DALIDA.