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Hello, I am an American, English speaking guide available for private or small group tours of Paris.  Enjoy a personal custom designed tour from a professional artist living in Paris.  

Enjoying life as a Parisian for more than a decade, we can help you experience the city we know and love.  Have fun discovering the unknown aspects of this capital city together without getting lost or looking at a map.  With our help you can wander off the beaten path to find traditional markets, scenic neighborhoods and less explored museums.  

Let me help you make the most of your stay in Paris.  Whether you are here for a day, a week or longer, I can help you see as much of Paris as possible.

From an introductory walking tour of the contrasting historic neighborhoods to a focus tour of whatever might be of special interest to visitors, we can make it a pleasure to discover the classic and unusual views that help to make this city the most visited in the world.

Visiting the Best Markets of Paris

Most Parisians prefer buying their food from their local neighborhood market.  There is at least one traditional farmer's market in each of the twenty Paris arrondissements.  These markets sell nearly everything.  Most of all, you will find some of the best quality products of France and its neighboring countries right in your Paris neighborhood.  It can be a very colorful and stimulating experience to visit any of the wonderful markets throughout the city.  Each of the neighborhood markets offer their very own high level of quality and variety.  Some will reflect the surrounding needs of the neighborhood they are set up.  The products at these markets are often fresher, and at times less expensive than at the city supermarkets.  There are even all-organic markets in the city.  What better way to start a day in the city of Paris!



Market Raspail

Located on the left bank along the boulevard Raspail.  This market runs from the rue Cherche-Midi to rue de Rennes.  Three times a week this market features some of the best food vendors in the city.  On Sundays this market location sells only Biologique products.  Biologique means Organic.  On Sundays at the organic market you can find an American baker who sells muffins, an organic vigneron selling wine called Chateau Coccinelle (Ladybird Castle), hand-made scarfs, homeopathic remedies, the potato pancake man, organic and natural soaps and a variety of prepared foods including vegetarian.  On Tuesdays and Fridays the regular market now features a popular food truck the Cantine California

Market Richard Lenoir - Bastille

On Sunday and Thursday mornings one of the largest open-air markets in Paris is located along the boulevard Richard Lenoir.  You can find just about anything at this diverse market.  The merchant stalls actually sit above the tunnel path for the canal that leads towards the view of the Sprit of Liberty monument at the Place du Bastelle.  If you enter the market at the Bastilles end you will pass cheap clothing followed by kitchenware merchants.  This then leads into the many stands of prepared foods, fruits, vegetables, dairy, meat and seafood.  This market offers an international flavor with specialties not only from France, but Italy, Portugal, Spain, Morocco, India and other faraway lands.


Market Saxe-Breteuil

This market sits with an amazing view facing the Eiffel Tower.  Located in a very established neighborhood in Paris, the friendly merchants have a high quality reputation that makes this one of the best in the city.  There are at least five different cheese merchants in this market.  Some that specialize in goat cheeses and others in roquefort.  The Saturday market at this location can be a bit bigger than the one on Thursdays.  


Market Batignolles


Sit up along the boulevard des Batignolles between Place de Clichy and rue Puteaux in the 17th arrondissement in Paris.  More than 0 vendors make up what was the city's first organic food market on Saturdays in the city.  


Market Edgar-Quinet

Located behind the busy boulevard Montparnasse and in the shadow of the city's high-rise.  Every Wednesday and Saturday mornings the boulevard Edgar-Quinet's quiet central tree-lined alley transforms into a busy market.  

Market Place d'Aligre 

Located in the 12 arrondissement between the rue faubourg Saint-Antoine and rue de Charenton.  This market is actually made up of two separate markets.  The open air market on the square d'Aligre not only includes food, but also taken up by vendors selling clothing, furniture, antiques and bric-a-nrac.  The real highlight comes from the covered market, called Marché Beauvau just next door.  Here you can find everything from poultry and cheese to flavored olive oil and North African cuisine.  The covered market was built in 1779.  This is open everyday except on Sundays. 


Market Grenelle/Motte-Piquet

This market is located in the area of the 15th arrondissement; sitting just next to the park called the Champ de Mars and the Eiffel Tower.  It is situated under the elevated metro tracks of the line 6 and in a largely residential area in Paris.  This makes it a great place even on a rainy day in the city.  It is filled with local color and some of the best merchants selling everything from fruits and vegetables to cheeses, honeys, meats and mops.  This is a great market to discover the "normal" or more typical aspects of a Parisian neighborhood.  

Permanent Paris Street Markets

Along with the many temporary food markets through out Paris, there are also a number of permanent market streets offering high quality food and unusual shops.  These are often located on pedestrian-only streets that make it fun for a pleasant stroll to see the daily life of a Parisian neighborhood.  These streets include:

The rue Mouffetard Market

The rue Montorgueil Market

The rue Daguerre Market

The rue Cler Market